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GlassXpert & Design Company Limited (GlassXpert) - Production Process

Last updated (Effective date): 28 August 2019


Glass Products

GlassXpert products can be widely used in residential and commercial interior design and decoration, e.g. home, offices, hotels, restaurants, lobby displays, personalized gifts, corporate gifts, customized photo prints, signage, awards … etc.

GlassXpert is not only designing glass gifts and printing photos on the glass but also being an authorized distributor of Orientop’s interior decorative glass and mirror. We provide various combinations of glass products according to different customer needs.

Our glass printing machines can print up to a maximum size of 3.2m x 2m which can be used as a feature wall and partition in the living room, bedroom, closet, kitchen and toilet.


Lamination Process

Part of the GlassXpert product lines (including Glass Gifts and Glass Photo Prints) are subjected to a lamination process so as to increase the strength of the glass. The additional advantages are i) colour protection and ii) improved safety when it is broken. Laminated glass consists of two pieces of glass plus a resin interlayer. If the glass does get broken, this interlayer holds almost the whole piece in place although there might be some minor pieces to be detached. In addition, GlassXpert provides a 2-year guarantee against delamination and colour fading.

GlassXpert produces glass and mirror products which are fragile and must be handled with care. We work our best to prevent any breaks or damage, we use safety boxes with anti-shock cushions in order to minimize the impacts of dropping and/or bending.


Additional Treatments

We provide various glass products to customers according to their specific needs and tastes. Worth mentioning, our Glass Photo Prints can also be printed on the anti-reflective glass. Besides, after printing the patterns or graphics or photos, we can also arrange for additional treatments on the glass surfaces such as the Matte effect and the DFI (Diamon-Fusion International). The former makes the glass less reflective and softens the image while the latter smooth the surface.

DFI treatment can smooth the surface to make it highly water repellent, oil repellent, scratch-resistant and resistant to the leaching of calcium and sodium (etching caused by hard water). The advantages of using DFI treatment are 1) reducing the use of household chemicals, 2) making the glass easy-to-clean, 3) long-lasting with less maintenance cost and 4) increase in surface brilliance by at least 20%. As such, glasses with DFI treatment are particularly good for a toilet, kitchen and outdoor uses.

In our Glass Photo Prints, we also provide options for single-layered glass in order to reduce weight and shipping cost. To improve safety, we add in a tempered process for the large pieces (the minimum size for carrying out a tempered process is 30cm x 30cm). The tempered process helps to strengthen the glass, which crumbles into small granular chunks when accidentally broken. It is important to consider using this process (even after lamination) when the glass is used as a standalone partition or outdoor glass wall without any support at the back.


Length and Width Tolerance

For the dimension of our glass products that we mentioned, we have a length and width tolerance level in which the cut size deviation should be within 0 to -1mm. That means, the glass will not be bigger than these dimensions but is less than 1mm smaller than the specified length and width.