Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I create my own designed gifts?

Yes, but a minimum order of 100 pieces is required.  If you are interested to create your own design gifts, such as wedding return gifts or corporate gifts. Please send your design to our design team at

2. Will I get volume discount if I want to order many pieces of the same kind?

Volume discount is available if your order is more than 10 pieces. Please simply email our sales team at with the product code and the quantity you want to order.

3. What are the image format(s) and the minimum resolution that GlassXpert can accept?

We accept JPG and PNG file formats and a minimum resolution of 300dpi is required. If customers upload a photo of less than 300dpi, our online system will reject this photo. Customers need to reload a higher resolution photo or choose a less demanding template, i.e. a smaller size template or a montage of smaller images. If customers wish to use this particular photo with a lower resolution, we can accept a minimum of 150dpi, but please be aware the print quality will not be as good as the samples that you have seen. Please send us an email attaching that photo, we will help you to handle it manually.

4. Can I print my own designed glass photo?

Yes, you can edit your own graphics or photos in Photoshop (for example) and generate a JPG file. Feel free to upload your JPG output that can match the standard glass print size you choose in our product series.

Besides, there are some special features in our “Glass Photo Prints” product series to help you customise your own design. You can choose different templates or add texts, stickers, and frames to your original photo(s). Our online system will integrate your photo(s) with all of your chosen effects so that you can view the end result before submitting to our production team.

With our Photo Print Editor, everyone can be a designer, discover how?

5. How to use GlassXpert’s Image Editor?

We have prepared three tutorial videos to demonstrate how to use our Image Editor:

  • For Personalized Gifts, here we demonstrate how to upload photos and input some personal typography, discover how?
  • For Glass Photo Prints, here we demonstratehow to upload photos, select background colour or patterns and even upload your own background photo, discover how?
  • For Glass Photo Prints, here we demonstrate how to upload photos, generate a personal typography with the change in font style and colour, and finally to add a sticker, discover how?

6. Can I print a photo outside the standard sizes?

Sure, if your requested size is smaller than our standard size range, it will be easier for us to handle as we already have good boxes to protect the glass products. Please be aware that our minimum size of production is 80mm x 80mm.

If it is bigger than our largest sizes (i.e. rectangular – 600mm x 500mm and panorama – 900mm x 400mm), we need to tailor-make a wooden box for protection. There will be an extra cost on the wooden box (depends on size), and the shipping cost will be more expensive due to its heavier weight. In addition, the resolution of your photo is required to be very high if you want to print a large-sized glass photo or even a glass wall, otherwise, the resulting printout will not be good. You may also consider buying photos from our photo gallery, which provides shots of high resolution by the professional and amateur photographers.

For a quotation (outside our standard sizes), please contact our sales team at and tell us the purpose,  the dimensions (height and width) and any other specifications, e.g. whether to have lamination, tempered, heat treatment, DFI ...etc. Please also include the JPG file for checking the photo resolution.

7. What is the maximum size of your Glass Photo Prints product?

While our glass printing machine can print up to a maximum of 3.2 m x 2 m, the actual maximum is usually determined by the dimensions of the door entrance and the lift of the building. Also, shipping via courier is likely to have a size limitation. However, we can help you to cut it into a few smaller pieces and we can also match the pattern on the edges.

8. Can I arrange my own delivery?

Our production will be done in our two factories in China and then we will send the product(s) to our Hong Kong office before delivering to our customers.

Currently, we provide free delivery in Hong Kong for the time being or you may collect your orders directly from our Hong Kong office. 

9. Should I buy insurance?

In our product packing, we use shock prevention material which can help to protect the glass during transportation, however, we cannot rule out the chance of any malicious damage or other accidents. Therefore, buying insurance against any loss or damage is worth considering.

Please beware that the title and risk of loss or damage to your purchased goods shall pass to you at the time GlassXpert & Design deposits such purchased goods with its designated shipper. 

For delivery within Hong Kong and international, we link with EasyShip who connects to various shipping providers (such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, SF Express … etc). They provide the option to buy insurance, customers can consider paying this extra amount to prevent any loss or damage.

10. Can I change my order that has already been placed?

If your change is made within 24 hours after placing the order, your request will have a higher chance to be handled. Please send an email to We will try our best to stop the process, however, we cannot 100% guarantee.

For a non-customized product, we cannot make any change once it has been shipped; while if it has not yet been shipped, we will process your amended order if the total value is the same or below your original order. If you want to switch to a more expensive product, we will send you another invoice to pay the difference. Once you settle the payment, we will arrange the delivery of the new product to you.

For a customized product, we cannot make any change once the production starts. If you have unfortunately made a mistake on the text or uploaded a wrong image, please send an email to our customer support within 24 hours and instruct us what you want to change. We will give you instructions on how to reload the image and redo the process.

11. For a customized product, how long will the production normally take?

For customized products, we usually need 2-3 weeks (10-15 working days) for production, quality control (QC) checking and arranging delivery. We have a team of QC in Hong Kong to act as the final gate-keeper. Once they are happy with the quality of the finished product(s), we will arrange delivery.

12. How to track my parcel?

For non-customized products, we only need 2-3 working days to arrange a shipment. When your ordered product is sent out, GlassXpert will give you another email to confirm the delivery which will include the tracking number of the courier service, you can, therefore, track the status of your parcel from time to time.

For delivery in Hong Kong, it usually takes 1-2 working days. While for the key global couriers, it normally takes them 5-10 working days to send the parcel to your country.

If your order includes both non-customized and customized products, we will wait for the completion of the customized product(s) so as to send you the whole order together.

13. If I am interested in your Interior Decorative Glass series, how can I make an order?

Our Interior Decorative Glass series can be widely used in the home design, such as a living room, bedroom, closet, kitchen and toilet. If you have a particular pattern that you are interested in, you can email our sales team at and ask for a quotation.

Please let us know the dimensions (height and width) and any other special treatment(s) in order to serve different purposes, such as the tempered process (increasing the strength of the glass, which crumbles into small granular chunks when broken. These safety features are especially important if the glass is to be used as a partition), DFI technology (smooths the surface to make it highly water repellent and oil repellent which is extremely good for toilet and kitchen uses).

14. Do you provide installation of your Interior Decorative Glass?

We offer an installation service with extra charges but only in Hong Kong. Whereas, we can recommend instructions for installation (e.g. cushion materials and sealant) so that your interior designer can help you to install the product.

15. What is laminated glass?

Laminated glass consists of two pieces of glass plus a resin interlayer. If the glass does get broken accidentally, this interlayer holds almost the whole piece in place although there might be some minor pieces to be detached. 

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass which has been broadly used in architectural, transport and security projects which aims at enhancing the safety as well as for the purpose of sound-insulation and bullet resistance.

Part of the GlassXpert product lines (including Glass Gifts and Glass Photo Prints) are subjected to a lamination process to strengthen the glass. The additional advantages are i) colour protection and ii) improved safety when it is broken.

16. What is tempered glass and heat-strengthened glass?

A tempered process helps to strengthen the glass, which makes it much safer than ordinary glass. When tempered glass is accidentally broken, it will crumble into small granular chunks so it reduces the chance of hurting people.

It is important to do a tempered process before lamination when the glass is used as a stand-alone partition or a stand-alone outdoor glass wall without support.

GlassXpert provides options for single-layered glass under Glass Photo Prints section in order to reduce weight and shipping cost. To improve safety, we add in a tempered process for the large piece selection (600mm x 500mm, 900mm x 300mm and 900mm x 400mm). 

While for the 400mm x 300mm selection, which is not an ideal size to carry a tempered process, we will add a heat-strengthened process which is a similar process to enhance safety usage.

17. What is anti-reflective glass?

Anti-reflective glass adopts a special dipping process to coat the surface of the glass with layers of metal oxides, which create a crystal-clear effect and ease any cleaning issues. The high transmission resulted from the technology reduces irritating reflections and allows a good view of dimly lit items. It is widely used in retail and museum showcase presentation. 

18. What is DFI?

DFI stands for Diamon Fusion International. Diamon-Fusion® is patented nanotechnology which smooths the surface to make it highly water repellent, oil repellent, scratch resistant and resistant to leaching of calcium and sodium (etching caused by hard water).

The advantages of using DFI treatment are 1) reducing the use of household chemicals, 2) making the glass easy-to-clean, 3) long lasting with less maintenance cost and 4) increase in surface brilliance by at least 20%. As such, glass with DFI treatment is particularly good for a toilet, kitchen and outdoor usage.

19. How can I clean my Glass Gifts and Glass Photos ?

We expect you will need to dust the glass gifts and glass photos from time to time, when used as home decoration on your table or the wall. As such, we suggest to use water or a wet towel to clean its surface. We don’t recommend using detergent especially on the edge in which the resin is exposed.