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Customer Service and Feedback

If you find any issue during your purchase or after receiving our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Your comments and feedback can help us to improve, feel free to leave us a message.

Details of Return Policy


Customized Glass Gifts

Put your imagination into reality

GlassXpert & Design is happy to help customers producing their own designed gifts, such as wedding return gifts or corporate gifts (a minimum order of 100 pieces is required). Please send your idea to our design team.


Glass Photo Prints

Customized Size and Shapes

For customers who want to create a special size (outside our 12 standard sizes) of Glass Photo Prints such as large glass panels or glass top of furniture (tabletop or wardrobe), please contact our sales team for a quotation.

Please tell us the dimensions (height and width), and any other specifications, e.g. lamination and/or tempered. Please also include the image file for checking the photo resolution.


Interior Decorative Glass

To receive quotations of various patterns and dimensions, please contact our sales team. Please inform us of the dimensions (height and width), purpose and any other specifications, e.g. lamination, tempered or DFI (water and oil repellent, and to increase its surface brilliance) … etc.


Business Partnership

Feel free to discuss any potential alliance.

Support JPG, PNG and GIF under 20MB

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