Business Partnership

Business Partnership

We are happy to organise a synergy of our glass products with your brand, feel free to discuss this opportunity with us.


Our Partners

Orientop Limited - The Market Leader in Asia’s Laminated and Decorative Glass (Hong Kong)

Stage Interior & Associates Ltd - An Interior Design Company for Home and Retail Shop Decoration (Hong Kong)

Andy Sidders Photography - A Wedding Photographer in Buckinghamshire (U.K.)


Helen Alderton Photography - A Wedding and Portrait Photographer in Cambridge (U.K.)

Michael Michaels Delicious Photography - A Food Photographer in London (U.K.)

New Age Fotografie - A Family Photography Studio in Vienna (Austria)

Susan Grace Hinman - A Wedding and Fashion Portrait Photographer in Brighton (U.K.)



Iwona Podlasinska - A Polish Portrait Photographer (A Multi-Award and World-Renowned Child Photographer)

Roberto Pavic - A Croatia Landscape and Concert Photographer (An Award-winning photographer)

Eric Chow - A Hong Kong’ Amateur Photographer (Landscape and Macro)

Pico.C - A Hong Kong’ Amateur Photographer (Portrait and Landscape)

Justin Bavosi - GlassXpert & Design In-house photographer (Wedding, Portrait and Products), a Getty Images photographer, and an ex-photographer of Underwater Art UK.

Konrad Kaczmarkiewicz - GlassXpert & Design's Partner Photographer (Portrait, Family, Wedding and Travel), Konrad Kaczmarkiewicz Photography in Cambridge & London (U.K.)

Martine Leather - GlassXpert & Design's Partner Photographer (Celebrity, Food & Product, Baby and Wedding), She - Pap Photography in Essex (U.K.) 


Glass Photo Prints Sponsorship

We would consider offering a 50% discount on one or two pieces of our “Glass Photo Prints” (in standard sizes) for exhibitions of professional photographers. We need our logo and website to be displayed on your booth and your brochure for sponsorship. Please send your photos and details of your exhibition (location and dates) to us and we will return as soon as possible.


Discount to Professional Photographers

We offer discount to Professional Photographers who are currently running a photography business. Don’t miss the chance to get an exclusive coupon code for a special discount on all GlassXpert products.


Contribute Photos to GlassXpert Photo Gallery

We welcome professional and amateur photographers to put images or photos in our Photo Gallery. We only sell the non-exclusive printing right(s) of your photo(s) to our customers and they can print your photo(s) on GlassXpert’s product(s).


Freelance Designer

We are happy to work with different designers all over the world to inspire new ideas. If you are interested in designing glass gifts and are proficient in using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, feel free to contact us.


For all enquiries on the above-mentioned partnership, please go to Contact Us.