About Us

Winner Lee, Co-Founder of GlassXpert & Design:

I love travelling, photography, designing and compiling photo albums. I believe taking photos of magnificent scenery and/or precious moments of my family and friends helps to restore my faith in life with wonderful memories, which contribute positive energy and enhance my life. 

I also love studying professional photographers’ photos, which tell different stories and transmit different messages in light of photographers’ diverse styles, focuses and photo shooting angles as well as photos being taken under various conditions.  

I always decorate my home with photos on paper, canvas or glass to share my precious moments with my family and friends.  I found photo print on the glass is the best choice to retain my precious moments as the colour would not fade over time.  Therefore, when I got a chance to set up a business, I have decided to pursue what I am passionate about. Our focus and passion will help us to achieve high-quality products. But most important is that we help to preserve peoples’ eternal memories. The years pass by, the memories last.

Everyone is taking photos with his or her smartphone nowadays, and many of his or her fantastic moments will be stored on the phone or computer which will be reviewed occasionally.  I wish to help my customers to print out their most precious moments on the glass for their home or office decoration or as gifts to their families and friends so that they can be reminded of their precious moments at any time and every day.

Since 3Q 2017, I have started working with two talented designers and a production team to make photo samples and design glass gifts.  We have explored various ways to transform our creative design into quality glass products. Our objective is to produce high quality and special gifts for our customers to help capture their precious moments on the glass, which can be reviewed conveniently every day.  Our team has great expertise in designing and producing high quality regular and customised bespoke products.

In addition, it is my honour to have Iwona Podlasinska, a Polish photographer, contributing her great photos to our Gallery, she is my favourite portrait photographer. I have been following her on Flickr and Instagram for a long time. When I decided to set up the GlassXpert & Design business, I invited her to contribute her photos to our Photo Gallery. Also, many thanks for the support of Eric Chow and Pico.C, two very good Hong Kong’ amateur photographers, they not only contribute photos to our gallery but also provide photos for us to print samples, their valuable opinions have also been incorporated into our product designs as well. I am indeed very excited about the ongoing development of GlassXpert as I am going to collaborate with many great photographers as well as the gift and interior designers all over the world.

All in all, Clients’ satisfaction is the driving force which helps us to pursue perfection. We are looking forward to hearing your valuable comments.


Winner Lee

May 2018